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We are looking for our next CEO. We are a non-profit organization made up of doctors, agronomists, nutritionists and other professionals, whose objective is to improve the quality of life of African communities, focusing especially on improving the quality of health and education. We seek to maintain a work of respect, work and learning with other cultures.

We send volunteers to Africa, providing the necessary support for them to develop leadership skills, while implementing projects that respond to the specific needs of each community, developing local capacities in health and education.

¡If you are looking to make an impact on the world this opportunity is for you!

Position Responsibilities

The executive director is the highest authority of the foundation and answers to the board of directors. It is therefore responsible for ensuring that the foundation's activities are carried out and that each of the teams fulfills its role.
Projects. In conjunction with those in charge of the projects in Zambia and Uganda, ensure that volunteers are sent to Africa to implement the projects in accordance with the strategic plan, monitoring and supporting the resolution of problems that arise in the projects on the ground.
Finance. Develop, together with the finance team, an annual foundation budget and manage finances.
Raising funds. Develop a fundraising plan, track donors, look for new donors, apply for competitive funds, write reports, hold events, products, etc.
Directory. Lead board meetings every other week. Update the directors, keep the minutes of the meetings, and put to a vote those matters that require it.
Compliance. Monitor the foundation's compliance with the corresponding regulation. Keep minutes, write reports, approve budgets, etc.
Strategic planning. Implement strategic planning, monitor KPIs and suggest improvements to achieve goals.
Team coordination. Keep the different teams up to date with what is happening in the other teams and have meetings with the different area heads according to needs: Uganda, Zambia, Human Resources, Communications, Products, Website, Legal, etc.
Recruitment. In conjunction with Human Resources, determine the profiles required to grow the teams of collaborators (volunteers in Chile) and recruit them.

Position requirements

Skills or experience managing a team of people.
Skills or experience planning projects, organizing activities, raising funds, making budgets, developing and/or implementing strategic plans and monitoring KPIs.
Advanced English level.
Desirable experience in volunteering and working in multicultural teams.
Proactivity and creativity to look for solutions and propose aspects for improvement.
Commitment to the mission of the foundation.

Position Details

Location: Remote.
Performance area: Non-profit organizations.
Work Schedule: Part-time with flexible hours.
Conditions: CLP $600,000 liquid.
To start in March 2024.


Questions to: contacto@entretribus.cl
More information at: https://www.entretribus.cl/