Entre Tribus is made up of a group of people who lived a common experience: helping different communities in Africa, contributing in different ways according to their own abilities. Their experiences make living the dream of creating Entre Tribus, a foundation that brings together professionals with experience in different areas, in order to contribute in a multidisciplinary way to the development of the African communities they want to empower.

The need to ensure a more just society is what moves the members of Entre Tribus. Moved by the experience they lived in common, living the poverty of African communities, they wanted to unite and work together to guarantee the most basic rights of people, such as good nutrition, food security and a better quality of life for children. and adults who inhabit these villages.




    - Commitment

    - Passion

    - Empathy

    - Service


    Improve the quality of life of rural African communities, according to the specific needs of each place, focusing especially on health and nutrition problems.


    To be seen as a model foundation that supports African community development, helping these communities to be self-sustaining through the good use of their resources.








    Currently, Chile is classified as a developing country, being a leader in the region, standing out for its stable situation. Therefore, we believe that Chile today is in a positive situation and that it has managed to meet the basic needs of the majority of its population.

    However, if we compare the situation in our country with African countries, where basic rights are not guaranteed, we urgently need to react to this situation and we believe that the grain of sand that each contributes is highly significant in countries that are so far away. of our same level of development.o.

    Today, Chile has organizations, both public and private, that seek our same cause: to ensure the good nutrition of its inhabitants and thus give the opportunity to live a healthier and more dignified life. However, on the African continent, not everyone has this opportunity, as they are countries with high poverty rates, where income is minimal and where, in addition, there are not enough hands to make a real change.

    This is why the need to help in these communities is born in us, putting our knowledge at the service of people who do not have access to elements as simple as drinking water, or as simple as the knowledge of what foods nourish us and what does not. That is why we decided to found among tribes, and thus help from Chile and in African localities, so that more human beings are guaranteed basic rights and thus, achieve better opportunities for them and subsequent generations.s.




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