Dental Project

The dental program was born out of a lack of permanent dentists at the Sichili Mission Hospital located in Sichili in the West Province in Zambia, which serves a population of 40,000.
From our experience in Zambia we have found that the population has a high rate of diseases such as cavities, abscesses and oral sepsis. As expected, the above is directly related to the lack of dental hygiene, control and treatment of these pathologies, affecting even children from an early age.
Our project is focused on both the prevention and the treatment of these diseases. Regarding prevention, we have worked to instill positive habits that result in better oral health, from daily cleaning to a regular preventive visit to the dentist. In the therapeutic aspect, we have carried out restorative type treatments such as emergencies in the general population.
In the case of pregnant women and children, the objective is to provide complete care, from initial preventive measures, such as preventive evaluation and delivery of toothbrush and toothpaste, to therapeutic measures that allow the patient to be discharged.


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