Health Project


The Sichili Mission Hospital, located in the village of Sichili, the capital of the Mulobezi district, has 50 beds and covers a population of 40,000 people.

Currently there are no doctors sent by the government to cover the necessary work, that is why as a foundation we have decided to provide assistance support in parallel to our nutrition project.

This help consists of carrying out all the activities corresponding to the doctors in charge of a hospital, clinical rounds of hospitalized patients are carried out daily in the maternity, pediatric, adult medicine and adult surgery services. We are also making educational visits once a week to contribute to the knowledge of the hospital workers, during some afternoons patients from the outpatient polyclinic are seen, and others are performed ultrasounds. And finally, our doctors make emergency calls every day.


Gynecologist - obstetrician

Maternal and perinatal mortality rates are very high in the African continent, according to the World Health Organization in Zambia they are 224 / 100,000 and 60 / 1,000 live births respectively, this is 10 times more than in Chile. This is why part of our objectives is to help reduce these figures in the region in which we are working.

We are going to achieve this by improving prenatal control, supporting the personnel who work in the pregnant woman's control clinic. Emphasizing the early start of pregnancy control, the importance of an early and then quarterly ultrasound. In addition to ensuring basic screening exams. And finally educating the population about the importance of control in pregnancy and delivery in the hospital.


Support to the Clinical Offices.

Zambia, having a great lack of doctors, has patch solutions that seek to address this problem. They form two types of clinical official professionals and medical graduates. Clinical officers study different pathologies and treatment protocols for 2 years, emphasizing malaria, tuberculosis and HIV treatments. Graduates study the same pathologies in a little more depth and develop surgical skills to solve major basic surgeries in isolated areas.das.

In Sichili there is an outpatient clinic run by clinical officers, who see outpatient pathologies, and treat 150,200 patients daily..

Hence the need to create a project to support, supervise and educate these professionals, evaluating the patients together with our doctors, and holding weekly classes on different pathologies and updates in treatment, in order to provide a benefit to the clinician and the population. attended.


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