About us

We are Entre Tribes Foundation

Entre Tribus is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of African communities according to the needs of each place. Our projects are focused on health, nutrition and education issues.

For this, we work with medical volunteers, teachers, dentists and agronomists who live and work with the rural communities of Zambia and Uganda for 6 months, or between 1 and 2 years, contributing to their quality of life in a real and lasting way.

To finance ourselves, we recruit partners who give us contributions on a monthly basis, we sell products made with African fabrics.


¿How we make our products?

They are made in Chile with Chitengue fabrics brought from Africa by our volunteers and recycled fabrics donated by Ripley.

The collaboration with Ripley started about a year ago and they have delivered a little more than 2 tons of fabrics to us. These are made up of clothes that cannot be marketed, of which 50% are garments that can be easily fixed and that we donate to the African community in Chile, 30% we use for our products and the remaining 20% ​​is recycled.

The clothing is made by Chilean seamstresses, most of them very hard-working women who support their families and have several jobs. With these products we are also helping our tribe by providing extra income for them.

100% of the sales go to finance our educational and health projects in Zambia and Uganda.


¿How to help?

  • Buy our products in Vitacura Sustainable Market or here.
  • Mrs here.
  • Support our cause on the Global Giving website (dollar donation).
  • Apply as a medical volunteer here.
  • If you have another specialty, send us an email to contacto@entretribus.cl