We do not have a physical store, because we believe that the best way to connect the customer is through the web where we try to bring the user closer by showing them aspects of the African reality. In addition, it is a cost that as a foundation we do not want to have, since this way we can make better use of our resources.

Yes. We ship to all of Chile at the expense of the consumer and with the requirement that there is a Correos Chile or Tur Bus Cargo.

Enter the shopping cart, select the model you want and then choose the fabric. Then you enter your personal data, along with the shipping address and select the means of payment to make the purchase.

Send an email to entretribus@gmail.com and we will answer you if it can or not according to the request.

Yes. When you are making the purchase, it will give you the additional option of leaving a message. Write the message as you want it to be sent. Remember to put your name and to whom it is addressed (optional).