Fundación Entre Tribus was born in 2018, as a way to channel the dreams and projects of a diverse group of people who shared a common experience: having lived in rural African communities, seeking to contribute from their professional knowledge.

This experience motivated them to develop sustainable projects focused on improving the quality of life of communities that need help, specifically in education, health, nutrition and dental health issues.

We started in Zambia, in the town of Sichili, where several of the directors lived, initially with a health project from which ideas were born to generate two paths, one dental health and the other nutrition.

Later we contacted internationals, who were working in the area of education, and we started a collaborative education project in Uganda.





    - Commitment

    - Passion

    - Empathy

    - Service


    Improve the quality of life of rural African communities, according to the needs of each place, focusing especially on problems of education, health and nutrition.


    To be seen as a model foundation that supports African community development, helping these communities to be self-sustaining through the good use of their resources.








    The need is found in all parts of the world, it has different faces and is always present. And the need in the African continent is great, a large percentage of the population does not have basic needs such as food, water, electricity and what to speak of health and education.

    Our country faces many difficulties, but has managed to meet the basic needs of the majority of its population. We believe that the grain of sand that each one contributes is highly significant in countries that are so far from our same level of development.o.

    Today, Chile has organizations, both public and private, that seek our same cause: to ensure the good nutrition of its inhabitants and thus give the opportunity to live a healthier and more dignified life. However, on the African continent, not everyone has this opportunity, as they are countries with high poverty rates, where income is minimal and where, moreover, there are not enough hands to make a real change.

    That is why the need to help in these communities is born in us, putting our knowledge at the service of people who do not have access to elements as simple as drinking water, or as simple as the knowledge of what foods nourish us and what does not. That is why we decided to found Entre Tribus, and thus help from Chile and in African localities, so that more human beings are guaranteed basic rights and consequently, thanks to the help of all, achieve better opportunities for themselves and subsequent generations.s.