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Costume Design


If you are looking to make this world a better place, this opportunity is for you. We are looking for collaborators to support our humanitarian projects in Africa, designing and making the cushions, backpacks and cases that we sell to finance our projects.

At Fundación Entre Tribes we have projects in health, nutrition and education in Zambia and Uganda. Two doctors and a dentist are the only ones who care for a population of 40,000 people, saving lives and improving dental health. In Uganda, an English teacher trains teachers by improving the quality of education for children who cannot afford to go to school.

To finance our work in Africa we sell products made from African fabrics and recycled clothing. The designer will work directly designing and creating our products.


The work consists of meeting in person for 3 hours every other week with the team to select the donated clothes, combine them creatively with African fabrics, cut the fabrics and leave everything ready for the seamstresses to sew. We can also explore new products and design ideas!!


All products are made by mixing chitenges, classic African fabrics, and unusable clothing samples donated by Ripley. Chitenges are purchased directly from artisans in Zambia and Uganda, and are selected and brought in by our volunteers working on the ground. The unusable clothing samples donated by Ripley are 100% recycled. 50% of what is donated is repaired and given away, 30% is used to make the products and the remaining 20% is recycled for fiber. Each design is unique, since the salvageable fabric from the clothing sample is manually identified and combined with a chitenge, cut and sent to one of the three Chilean seamstresses who work with us, for whom this is a relevant income. All the profits are used to finance the Entre Tribes Foundation projects, in order to continue sending doctors, dentists, teachers and agronomists to improve the quality of life of African communities.

- Studies or experience in product design or costume design.

Availability of at least 3 contact hours every other week in Las Condes for at least one semester.
- Commitment to the work of the Foundation.

- Can be done as unpaid internship or volunteer work.
- If carried out as an internship, the term and the day will be adapted to the requirements of the internship.
- If carried out as voluntary work, a minimum commitment of 3 face-to-face hours every other week is requested, in which the entire team will come together to select the donated clothing and combine it with the African fabrics.

To apply, send an email indicating that you are applying for the Costume Designer vacancy, attaching your resume to our selection team email contacto@entretribus.cl