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We are looking for volunteers to live for six months or a year in a rural village in Zambia caring for the patients of the Sichili Mission Hospital.

We are a non-profit organization, made up of doctors, agronomists, nutritionists and other professionals, whose objective is to improve the quality of life of African communities, according to the needs of each place, focusing especially on improving the quality of health. We seek to maintain a work of respect, work and learning with other cultures.

¡If you are looking to make an impact in the world and an experience that changes your life and the lives of others, this opportunity is for you!

Job Responsibilities

  • Attend outpatients, hospitalized patients and emergencies at the Mission Hospital in Sichili.
  • Carry out as the first surgeon, the surgeries that are necessary. Mainly caesareans.
  • Carry out call turns.
  • Conduct training for hospital staff, promote and coordinate clinical meetings.
  • Carry out prevention and health promotion in schools, community activities (youth day, women's day, etc.) and others.
  • Make visits and care in rural health stations (outreach).
  • Attend meetings on behalf of the Foundation and perform administrative tasks.
  • Keep a record of care and report to the foundation and the hospital, generating biannual reports. Collect data to monitor and measure the impact of the project.
  • Attend virtual project coordination meetings with the Project Director and other meetings that are necessary with the Foundation.
  • Coordinate and perform necessary actions to carry out the medical project, its continuity, and to promote the presence of the Foundation in Zambia, representing it before authorities and other NGOs.
  • Collaborate with the nutrition project by collecting data and supporting the work of the agronomist in charge of the project as necessary.

Job Requirements

  • Medical surgeon title.
  • Intermediate English level.
  • Desirable experience in volunteering and working in multicultural teams.
  • Flexibility, adaptation to change and tolerance to frustration.
  • Tolerance to extreme conditions (weather, lack of resources, etc.).
  • Social skills and interest in socially integrating into the community and generating networks with various actors in the environment.
  • Proactivity and creativity to find solutions and propose areas for improvement.
  • Commitment to the maintenance of the house of the volunteers.

Charge Details

  • Location: Sichili, Zambia.
  • Duration: 6 months or 1 year. The start date will depend on how long it takes to process the visa (between 3 and 6 months from when the documents are sent).
  • Performance area: Health.
  • Working Hours: Full hours plus call shifts. Many times the working day will be extended.
  • Conditions: Unpaid volunteering. However, the Foundation finances the stay in Zambia. He will live in a house provided by the Foundation, with three other volunteers, food, transportation and internet expenses will be financed. The volunteer must pay their airfare and commit to recruiting a certain number of donors for the Foundation. Volunteering for 6 months must also finance the visa, in the case of volunteering for 1 year, the Foundation finances the visa.


  • Contact: send your CV to: contacto@entretribus.cl